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Mo’ mentum

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A week with rockstar friends has raised the domestic productivity bar at our house. Not only did we have an amazing time with great people but we also inched up the steep learning curve of being adults. It’s hard to describe what novices Carm and I are at life (especially compared to our same-aged friends) without the use of bad analogy. Think about your third grade handwriting and then compare it to that of the mimeographed note home written in the perfect script of your third grade teacher. Suddenly, keeping all the m’s between the solid and dotted line pales in comparison to the bubbly writing of Ms. Sharpe who didn’t need the lines to begin with. As we were unable to take the week off, Lisa decided to use her vacation to act as Rosie (doesn’t everyone remember the Jetsons?). We didn’t leave for work without a carefully packed lunch sack filled with individually tupperwared items…clean. Being good people we did what any humble human with a homemade gourmet meal would do….we bragged shamelessly. I even went so far as to offer a cafeteria trip to colleagues:

Me: “Hey everyone. I’m going to run to the cafeteria, does anyone want anything?”

Colleagues: “That would be great! What were you going to get?”

Me: “Oh. Me? I was just going to grab a fork. I have a freshly made dish of porcini and polenta with homemade chocolate cookies to eat today…..but I’d be happy to grab you a day-old sandwich while I’m there.”

Unfortunately, as all good things must come to an end, so too must our friends return to their own lives….jerks. We decided however, that we were not going to let this momentum drop. Before they had pulled out of the driveway, we were doing laundry, neatening, organizing and prepping the garden for a garlic patch.

On our travels one afternoon, Lisa (after she had cleaned out our fridge and washed every piece of laundry we own…yup even the undies) and I went to the garden center and learned about garlic. In the state of North Carolina, you can apparently plant garlic any time of year and harvest it as needed when it starts to flower. Sounds like my kind of project, plant when you’re ready, harvest when you need. The woman we spoke to said that she leaves it in the ground until she’s ready to use it AND that she has some that’s been in the ground for a year. In retrospect, she did not mention if that particular year-old-bulb was any good but I’m going to play the blind optimist on this one. The photos should be an accurate catalog of our efforts today, albeit they do not show the grass-clod-throwing contest that we engaged in.

After planting our two foot square area of garlic, we cleaned up and started the home organization. I’m telling you, we were on a roll. This lasted approximately 20 minutes before we decided that what we really wanted to do was watch “Juno”. We then napped, read, and hung out with the neighbors. But I would say, that our momentum lasted a good 2 hours, which is an excellent start for us. After all, the caterpillar does not become the butterfly in one day, we need a good solid rest in our cocoon before great transformation can occur.The site!The subjectsresults in 2-3 months


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April 21, 2008 at 1:27 am

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