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Look…it’s not my fault.   Ok, so I did take the loaf of bread off the counter and eat it on the rug.  And, there are soggy crumbs smooshed into the carpet that will never come up.  But, look, I’ve tried to put the remaining slices back in the bag.  I just can’t seem to stuff them back in there…..

What about your role in this?  You left the loaf right there on the counter behind the tomatoes.  Why aren’t you taking any responsibility?  And Max?  He nudged it closer to the edge of the counter where I could clearly see and smell it. Does he get ANY blame in this?  Don’t forget about Petey….his stomach growled which totally reminded me that I was hungry…why are you still yelling at me????

This worked so much better for BP.


Written by composthaste

May 27, 2010 at 12:26 am

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